The Power of Concentration

Significantly wetter and more humid periods this season have seen fruit with increased water content, less intensity and, ultimately, diluted value. It has also seen VA Filtration’s wine concentration, or Ultrafiltration, service come into its own.

VA’s latest mobile treatment is quickly proving to be the answer to Winemakers’ prayers nationally as it effectively and gently removes water from juice or wine.

What makes this treatment even more of a win-win for producers is that Ultrafiltration also removes bitter tannins and any effects of climate induced fruit rot while also increasing fruit intensity and mouth feel. Even alcohol content can be increased or decreased.

It would seem Ultrafiltration’s degree of effectiveness is as impressive as its range of benefits, with dramatic increases in quality averaging increments of 5% concentration and above.

And here’s the critical advantage for every winery. Ultrafiltration maintains the wine’s balance through the entire process, guaranteed. It’s that gentle, not to mention energy efficient.

Consequently, the possibility of achieving consistency of wines across entire vintages becomes possible. With climate variations making wine making complex enough, VA Filtration’s Ultrafiltration can drastically reduce the impact of a wet season and enhance the quality of the vintage.

VA Filtration’s mobile treatment services are designed to suit individual winemaking specifications with or without our experienced onsite technicians and they’re also available on a trial basis, right now. The bottom line is refining and improving wine, and when you really think about it that’s why VA Filtration is here. Give us a call or an email to make it happen.