We put your wine first, which is why you’ll only need us to do the job once.

Crossflow filtration has become ‘the’ method for wine clarification. Clarification is one of the critical steps in winemaking, making the selection of which crossflow unit to use very important.

We’ve designed a crossflow system with winemaking surety in mind. Using these filters, winemakers can rely on the task being completed right the first time. Our tried and tested mobile microfiltration systems use low pressure crossflow filtration across a spiral wound flat sheet membrane. Tangential wine flow across the membrane is up to 4 times lower than equivalent systems on the market today. We have small 2 module units which run off single phase, filter 500-800 litres an hour, with losses as low as 20 litres.

These filters are designed for use with high quality wines where both performance and volume loss is important. Our larger filters utilise the same membranes and operating parameters and come with automatic and semi-automatic control. The flat sheet membrane design incorporates considerably larger membrane surface area, this allows low pressure operation allowing the trans-membrane pressure to be kept low. We operate on a ‘wine first’ approach.

We are proud to offer a cross flow filter that will give you results – gentle, effective clarification, every time.