Not so volatile after all!

Winemaking is a volatile mix of weather conditions, fruit, soil conditions, market influences and of course, chemistry. Removing Volatile Acidity (VA) is something we at VA Filtration specialise in. With the benefits of our mobile, cost effective, gentle treatment right at your winery we offer you great value while helping to refine your fine wines.

With a minimum of 30% VA reduction on a single pass, no heat increase or internal recirculation and a low treatment pressure, the benefits are excellent.

Need to reduce Brett character? With 30% decrease in 4EP and a 20% 4EG reduction per pass we can refine between 1700 and 4000 liters of your wine per hour. Gentle treatment using membrane technology, on-site treatment and cost effectiveness, are all reasons to call VA Filtration now to arrange for your fine wine to be refined.