How we help our clients

We bring a custom designed system to your winery with no travel or set up fee. If you like, we supply friendly, professional operators as well and if you’re considering purchasing, feel free ask us about testing our equipment.

Nanofiltration’s Big Plus

Nanofiltration can use a variety of molecular weight cut off membranes, as opposed to Reverse Osmosis (RO), which remains set. With appropriate wine temperature and residual sugar levels, Nanofiltration won’t process your wine at pressures any greater than 600 psi which is a promise RO cannot make. This is VA Filtration’s ‘wine first’ belief in action – we’re literally ‘hands off’ as much as possible.

Brett Reduction Breakthrough

After exhaustive testing, in 2004 we developed a membrane perfect for reducing Volatile Acidity and 4EP Brett. This reduces 4EP Brett characters by up to 30% in a single pass, with little or no effect on the wine.

Gentler Engineering

System wise, we believe it’s the gentler the better. All our systems are ‘once-through’, adding no stress to the wine. We also control treatment pressures using gravity fed, diaphragm pumps wherever possible.

In our VA reduction process, a unique resin minimises the de-acidified peremate’s pH recombining with wine, meaning less wine ‘shock’. A specifically selected media on the permeate side absorbs 4EP without affecting the ethanol, acid and pH.

Years of design and testing have produced a system that gently and efficiently removes VA and 4EP while maintaining the highest wine quality. In other words; fine wine, refined.

As a member of the global wine industry, you will receive world leading, innovative, effective and environmentally responsible technical services.