Heat treatment effectively inactivates Botrytis derived laccasse in your wines

We are hearing reports most wine regions in Australia have have had an exceptional 2016 vintage. For once, good yields and exceptional wine quality co-existed.

Unfortunately, some areas have been impacted by adverse weather, with reports of botrytis-affected fruit and related diseases present in some wines.

If you share this concern, now is the perfect time to consider a small-batch trial to assess if your wine is at risk and for advice on how to treat any issues in your wine you may be facing after vintage.

VA Filtration’s unique heat treatment process can help deactivate laccase enzymes in your wine and juice, maintain the quality of the wine, maintaining both colour and fruit flavours.

What’s more, our Micro small-batch units can also assist you in identifying other quality issues that may exist. Assessing these samples allows you to plot a course of action to improve the quality of your wine. This may include the use of one of our unique treatments.

We have equipment that can handle volumes from one barrel to over one million litres and, what’s more, you can rent, or purchase our systems.

Contact Steven Clarkson learn more and enquire about a no-obligation trial.