Good as Cold

Move over electrodialysis. The future of wine stability is crystal clear.

VA Filtration has introduced a unique, non-obtrusive treatment process that targets and gently reduces unstable acids in wine without any change in the wine at all.

Cold Stabilisation also removes unsightly crystalline deposits thanks to the company’s membrane technology developed in the US. What’s more, the process does the job in red as well as white wines.

This new process will also save winemakers time, money and water. Compared to electrodialysis, Cold Stabilisation is quicker and more cost effective using considerably less money sapping water and electricity.

And, like all VA Filtration services, Cold Stabilisation is mobile. Add to that, the benefit of having up to 100,000 litres of your wine gently treated in a day, ridding your vintage of unwanted crystals and sediment. It ticks lots of boxes.

At the end of the day, your wine will present as well as it tastes thanks to a unique new, clean, green, gentle, mobile, quick smart technology. If you’d like to try, buy or hire a VAF Cold Stabilisation system they’re available now, with or without onsite professional technician support. Drop Matthew Hooper a line, by phone or email.