Go with the Lo-Cross-Flo

There’s a very good reason why this unique VA Filtration technology is being taken up so quickly across Australia, South Africa and USA.

Unlike traditional Cross Flow filtering, Lo-Cross-Flo microfiltration is a far gentler, one-step filtration for your wine. The key is a dead-end filtration mode, in which wine does not cross the membrane. This is particularly great news for winemakers of the unwooded white variety.

Because now, the two processes of Cold Stabilisation and Lo-Cross-Flo can be used together, whereby a single pass of unwooded white wine is able to come straight off the Cold Stabilisation process, ready to bottle.

Results have shown this process is not only quick and efficient, but has very little impact on the wine. With volume rates of 2 to 4 thousand litres per hour for White and 1.2 to 2.4 thousand litres per hour for Red wine, VA’s Lo-Cross-Flo gets your wine into bottle quicker and easier.