Concentrate carefully now…

For some Australian winemakers this year’s harvest will be excellent. For many others now is the time to concentrate on ways to solve the myriad problems of a particularly complex year. Wine concentration, or ‘ultrafiltration’ is ideally suited to refining wine, improving quality across the board.

A mobile unit makes expert management of wine a cost effective and highly beneficial solution.  Alcohol adjustment, both up and down, provides excellent onsite flexibility and quality enhancement.

Adding value by improving flavour, colour and depth is another benefit of this innovative, reliable and affordable process. Improved ‘mouth-feel’, rich colour and enhanced flavours all add up to a better result. The process also means that existing stock, held in cellar, can be improved and bottled, relieving some pressure on winemakers and producers in areas affected by adverse weather conditions.

Mobile filtration at your winery eliminates unwelcome wine transportation and logistics costs as well as risk of damage to the wine. An added benefit is the fact that it’s a gentle, energy efficient process, using minimal electricity.

With refinement so important, costs are a major consideration. VA Filtration is a cost effective, mobile filtration solution.

Producing superb wines always requires substantial expertise and consideration. Concentrate and think about it, but don’t ponder too long…