Come in from the cold, the benefits are clear.

Our unique, non-intrusive process, which reinforces our reputation as global leaders in wine filtration, reduces only unstable acids, a gentle process leaving the rest of the wine entirely unchanged. Cold stabilisation uses membrane technology to remove crystalline deposits in white wines. As a result it is faster and more cost effective than electrodialysis.

Minimal use of both water and power will save you time and money, unlike electrodialysis, which consumes large quantities of water as well as powering through masses of electricity. Of course our mobility brings the solution to you, increasing the savings by eliminating the need to transport the wine.

Refine large volumes of up to 100 000 litres per day with our mobile technology and see the benefits as your wine is cleared of unsightly crystals and sediment.

“Clean and ‘green’ resource efficient technology is now at your fingertips, meaning you can benefit from wines that look as good as they taste” says Matthew Hooper.