Calcium Tartrate Removal

With single pass treatment, gravity-fed pump pressure and no heat increase, our process is purposefully designed to be as gentle as possible on your wine.

While Calcium Tartrate won’t physically harm your wine or your customers in the slightest, the unfortunate glass-like appearance of these crystals in your wine bottles certainly will. Big problem!

Solution? VA Filtration Calcium Tartrate Removal treatment. Dramatically reducing the calcium tartrate in ripe grapes is very similar to our VA Reduction treatment.

All it takes is a single pass through specifically engineered membrane with two columned canisters, with little more than gravity-fed pump pressure to remove over 50% of the calcium… and with zero heat increase in your wine.

Talk about ‘gentle’ handling. There’s no stripping of the wine, whatsoever. In fact, there’s no effect on the wine at all.