Brett. Going, Going, Gone.

‘Tis the season to be getting rid of Brett (4EP & 4EG) Character in your wine and we have the ideal way to do it.

First, rest assured our reduction process is as gentle as possible on your wine. No wine stress, no structure or character changes, no pH level change and, if we remove the Brettanomyces yeast, no more Brett problems.

Gentle, but efficient… and at a process rate of up to 450 litres an hour with virtually no heat increase in the wine.

Here’s a tip. Our smaller Sweetspotter system is a quick smart way to find out exactly what treatment your wine needs.

What’s more, it can process volumes from a single barrel up to around 1,500 litres (400 gallons).

And don’t forget, you can rent or lease our systems plus we can provide professional supervision. To top it all off, VAF doesn’t charge for travel or set-up fees for our Mobile Filtration services anywhere across Australia.