You’ve hit the Sweetspot:
This is the answer to a winemaker’s prayers. VA Filtration’s ‘Sweetspotter’ is a single barrel, nanofiltration treatment solution that can test and treat a vintage sample for Volatile Acidity, Brett (4EG.4EP) and Smoke Taint removal.The limitations of high pressure pumps had meant this was impossible… until now.

The system uses the pressure of the outgoing wine stream to pressurise the incoming wine, driving a set of pistons. The system’s operating pressure sets and adjusts automatically, which means less power is required to run it. What could be simpler, and gentler, on your wine?

To find out how the Sweetspotter works from start to finish, take a look at this YouTube video.

We supply replaceable membrane media cartridges for VA Reduction and Brett (4EG/4EP) Removal with your Sweetspotter. Return used cartridges and we’ll supply fresh ones.


You’ll like this. With a wine at 15°C and less than 0.5% RS, an average reduction of 30% can be achieved after around 4 hours of processing.

Quicker answers?
Then you need Sweetspotter 3. It will treat your wine approximately 50% faster than Sweetspotter 2.

Want one?
Call us. We have Sweetspotters ready for you, to rent or buy. Our experienced, professional operators can supervise or guide you, whatever your need are.