The Technology:

Another classic example of a unique VA Filtration technology doing the job smarter – our Lo-Cross-Flo mobile microfiltration system. This is not a cross flow filter system, but uses a dead-end filtration mode, where no wines cross the membrane.

Utilising the considerably increased surface area to compensate for any loss in flow rate, we feed semi dead-end, as well as having a lower flux rate per m2 with an immediate lower trans-membrane pressure.

When needed, the filtered solids within the membrane can be backwashed into a system storage tank where they can be further filtered using cross flow filtration.

This system, currently operating in Australia, South Africa and USA, creates a far gentler, one-step filtration for your wine.


Flow rate: 2,000 – 4,000 Litres/hr (White)
1,200 – 2,400 Litres/hr (Red)
Power required: 208/240V (20 amp), 480V (20 amp)
or 380V (30 amp)
Final filtered quality: <1 NTU
Membrane type: Hollow fibre polyethersulfone or spiral wound
Maximum operating pressure: 20 psi
Average operating TMP: 3 – 8 psi
Maximum inlet turbidity of wine: 600 NTU (White), 200 NTU (Red)
Expected losses 1 – 2% of overall volume