Your wine is everything.. to us, too. That’s why we’ve designed and patented unique, mobile filtration services that are highly effective, unobtrusive, energy efficient and fast.

Quickly improve quality and add value by removing undesirable compounds and taints on site. Our Nanofiltration process has made us industry leaders across the wine regions of the USA, Australia, Chile, South Africa and Europe.

Because we’re mobile, the fruits of our standards of quality, service and filtration technologies can be all yours – wherever and whenever you need us. We’re quick, and don’t charge travel costs or on-site set up fees, meaning that you save money while fine-tuning your wines.

We can handle volumes from one barrel to over one million litres and, what’s more, you can rent, lease or purchase our systems. Whatever you choose, our mobile, multi-filter processes mean you now have up to eight supremely gentle treatments to bring out the best in your wine.

Our Mobile Services Include:

Equipment rental

Now is the time to consider the benefit of lease arrangements for your own wine business needs.
VA Filtration offers flexible leasing terms, and we like to work with our clients on how to best program strategies for short, medium and longterm benefit.

Being the first to know makes all the difference.

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